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Family Law

Pasadena Family Law

Family law is a broad and complex area of the law that encompasses legal disputes among family members. Family issues can be very complex, involving your loved ones and even various government agencies. If you have a family dispute, the Law Offices of Jesse A. Verdin is here to help you protect your rights and your family.

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Even the best of families can face a difficult divorce that requires a lawyer's help to resolve. As your lawyer, I can guide you through the California marriage dissolution process and help you avoid the pitfalls that make divorce more painful and costly than it needs to be.

Child Custody and Visitation

To me, the most important issues in divorce are those involving the children. As a father of two, I understand how emotional, stressful and volatile these matters can be. When I handle a case that involves an abusive parent, I take it personally.

Child Support

A parent's principle obligation is to support their children. In California, support typically continues until your child reaches age 18, or 19 if your child is in high school.

Spousal Support or Alimony

A court may order one party to pay spousal support (sometimes referred to as alimony) to the other based on the length of the marriage and each spouse's ability to earn a living.

Community Property Division

In California, marriage is a financial partnership as well as an emotional one. As a general rule, property acquired during the marriage is presumed to be owned equally by each party.

Postjudgment Modifications

The child support, child custody, child visitation and spousal support orders that were appropriate at the time of your divorce may no longer fit your circumstances today. I can help you get court ordered modifications to meet your changing needs.

Paternity Suits

Paternity suits establish the obligation of the father to pay child support. They can also establish the father's child custody and visitation rights.

Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders

If you are a victim of abuse or someone has threatened to harm you, get protection immediately. I will work quickly to get you an emergency or temporary protective order.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements can be used to protect separate property you bring to the marriage. They can also be used to waive spousal support or alimony in the event of a future divorce and decide in advance which assets will be community property.

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I offer a free initial consultation by phone or in person. To discuss your case with me, call 626-799-0104 or fill out our simple contact form. Se Habla Español-Nuestra Oficina Le Puede Ayudar con Sus Casos de Familia Hoy.

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