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Halle Berry Claims Child Custody Agreement Violations

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Halle Berry's estrangement with her boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey has been marked by a series of child custody disputes over their three-year-old toddler.  Earlier this year, the two agreed to a formal resolution of their dispute and a solution that was best for their daughter.  Unfortunately, this happy state of affairs did not last long.  The actress is now back in court, accusing her ex of violating the child custody agreement.

According to news reports, the actress is claiming that the child's father does not have good parenting skills and has put their daughter at risk.  The Oscar-winning actress's lawyer has submitted documents that spell out clearly Aubrey's less-than-excellent parenting skills and instances of alleged neglect. 

According to these documents, Berry is specifically concerned for the safety of the child when she's with her father.  The documents spell out specific instances of neglect, including some instances that occurred overseas when Gabriel acted recklessly, putting his daughter at risk.  Berry now wants the judge to find Aubrey in violation of the child custody order.  The judge has set a date for a hearing on the matter.

No child custody dispute can be completely insurmountable if the parents involved can set aside their egos to focus on the well being of the child.  Fortunately, Los Angeles child custody attorneys often find that many parents are willing to put aside their differences, and focus exclusively on what's best for the child and work towards a common agreement.  However, in those cases where parents are not willing to find a common path towards their child's good, the court may have to step in.  In such cases, only an intervention by the court can help ensure that the child’s best interests are protected.


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