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Wife Alleges Investment Banker Maintained Three Mistresses, Rejects $20 Million Settlement

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Its not every day that Pasadena divorce lawyers find a divorce lawsuit involving an investment banker make it to the front page of the New York Post. The media however, has been hanging on to salacious details of the lawsuit filed by Kathy Duffy, soon-to-be ex-wife of John Duffy, who is the CEO of Keefe, Bruyette, & Woods investment bank.

The lawsuit alleges that Duffy has been engaged in “public and notorious adulterous relationships” that had him giving lavish and extravagant gifts to other women. Kathy Duffy is suing her husband for more than $20 million, alleging in her lawsuit that her husband has maintained three mistresses in three different countries in extravagant lifestyles.

The lawsuit doesn't mention the mistresses, but one of them is reported to be a “blonde and tattooed” rock star. She was allegedly given expensive watches, cars and gifts with a total value of more than $700,000. The other two mistresses, according to the lawsuit, were maintained in Canada and the Dominican Republic. These mistresses received equally expensive gifts ranging from a condo in Yonkers and a Connecticut estate worth more than $400,000, to a home in the Dominican Republic. The mistress in the Dominican Republic was also given extravagant furnishings, a new car and had her education expenses covered by Duffy.

The lawsuit details the value of the dozens of gifts that Duffy allegedly lavished on these women. Not surprisingly, Mrs. Duffy rejected a $20 million divorce settlement. Her husband is believed to have an annual income of more than $3 million.
John Duffy maintains that these homes, estates and cars were not gifts but were purchased for investment purposes. He also denies that he was involved in any sexual affairs outside of his marriage.


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