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Pasadena Lawyer Handling Modifications to Child Custody, Child Support and Spousal Support

Life goes on after divorce. The child support, child custody, and spousal support or alimony orders that were appropriate at that time of your divorce order may no longer fit your circumstances today. At the Law Offices of Jesse A. Verdin in South Pasadena, I offer a free initial consultation by phone or in person to explain how and when those orders can be changed.

Increasing or Decreasing Child Support

If the financial circumstances of either parent change significantly, the court can make changes to the child support agreement. For example, if the parent paying child support is making more money, then child support can be increased. If the parent paying child support loses his or her job, then child support can be reduced.

Child Custody Modification

When there is any change in a family that can affect a child's well-being, then child custody and visitation schedule can be reviewed and changed by the court. Examples of changes that affect a child's well-being include:

  • A proposed relocation
  • A parent's drug use or other irresponsible behavior
  • A parent committing some form of child abuse or neglect
  • The child having trouble in school or at home

Increasing or Decreasing Spousal Support or Alimony

A modification of spousal support can be made if there is a change in the financial circumstances of the payor or the recipient. For example, if the recipient gets a promotion or a higher paying job, then the need for spousal support or alimony may be reduced. If the payer becomes unemployed involuntarily, that would affect his or her ability to pay spousal support.

Enforcement Actions

If an ex-spouse is not paying child support or is not providing visitation per a divorce order, then you can ask the court to enforce the order. The court also may order your ex to pay your attorney's fees.

Free Initial Consultation with an Experienced Lawyer

If circumstances have changed since your divorce and you need a modification, call me at 626-799-0104 or fill out our simple contact form. Se Habla Español-Nuestra Oficina Le Puede Ayudar con Sus Casos de Familia Hoy.

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