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Paternity Suits

Pasadena Lawyer Handling Paternity Lawsuits

If you’re an unmarried individual, paternity actions can help you establish parental rights with your child that include visitation rights, custody rights, and support. Whether you’re a father hoping to become more involved in your child’s life or a mother in need of support, the results of a paternity test can have a dramatic impact on your rights and your future.

Paternity tests and actions can be expensive, time-consuming, and involve potentially life-changing decisions for you and the child. More importantly, it’s important to handle them correctly. California requires that persons seeking paternity blood tests do so at a specific point in the action, and may bar individuals from proving paternity after that point.

These are complicated matters and significant rights are at stake if your paternity test isn’t handled correctly. A skilled and talented family lawyer can help preserve your rights as an individual and as a parent — rights that my staff and I can help you defend.

Contact the Law Offices of Jesse A. Verdin today if you’ve been and accused of parenting a child you don’t believe is yours or are interested in exercising your rights and responsibilities as a parent.

Department of Child Support Service Actions

Even before a paternity action begins, the State of California has authorized the Department of Child Support Services to collect child support. Once you’ve been contacted by Child Support Services, the burden of proof is on you to prove that support has been paid. Unfortunately, many times, an individual may never have even been told about the children or have questions regarding paternity.

If you fail to respond to Child Support Services, a default judgment may be entered against you, destroying your credit record and financial history. Even if you answer, there’s no guarantee that your rights will be protected or you won’t be overcharged — especially in situations where there is a question of paternity.

Free Initial Consultation with an Experienced Lawyer

I offer a free initial lawyer consultation by phone or in person. To discuss your paternity case with me, call 626-799-0104 or fill out our simple contact form. Se Habla Español-Nuestra Oficina Le Puede Ayudar con Sus Casos de Familia Hoy.

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