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Domestic Violence & Restraining Orders

Civil Restraining Orders—Protection from Domestic Violence and Civil Harassment

Over the last several years, changing California laws have gone farther to protect victims of domestic violence and civil harassment than ever before. If an individual with whom you have a close relationship has abused or threatened to harm you, or if you have experienced harassing phone calls and stalking, get protection immediately.

Contact the Law Offices of Jesse A. Verdin, for a free initial consultation and our experienced family law attorneys will begin working to keep you safe from actual or threatened domestic violence and civil harassment today.

Restraining orders can prohibit any contact with the person abused or harassed. Subjects of restraining orders who ignore court orders to stay away, move out, pay support, and stop contacting can be arrested.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

California law allows the victims of domestic violence to get restraining orders against spouses, family members, a parent’s child, or any person they’ve dated or lived with in order to live free of fear.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders are issued where the accused has:

  • Committed a act of physical violence;
  • Threatened physical violence;
  • Harassed or stalked an individual;
  • Sexually assaulted or molested; and/or,
  • Verbally abused the victim.

Civil Harassment Orders

Unlike Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, in order to get a Civil Harassment Order, there needn’t be any sort of relationship between a victim and harasser.

Civil Harassment Orders typically prohibit the harasser from coming within a certain distance from the victim once evidence of actual or reasonable threats have been presented to the courts.

Our staff will work quickly to get you an “emergency” or temporary restraining order. Remember that our clients are our business, and once temporarily protected, a lawyer can represent your rights at a hearing to obtain the right kind of restraining order for you—from “stay away” orders to residence exclusions.

Free Initial Consultation with an Experienced Attorney

I offer a free initial lawyer consultation by phone or in person. To discuss a protection order with me, call 626-799-0104 or fill out our simple contact form. Se Habla Español-Nuestra Oficina Le Puede Ayudar con Sus Casos de Familia Hoy.

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